Culmination of Mutilation

by Gutted Alive

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released March 29, 2014



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Gutted Alive Rochester, New York

Started in 2012 by founding members Ryan Michael (vocals) and Jason Acquilano (guitar, vocals), shortly joined by Mike Sloma (bass) and Brandon Graves (drums). A mix of old-school Death Metal with groove, melodic, and sludge.

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Track Name: Cadaver Haver
Creeping through cemetaries
shovel and pick in hand
looking for mounds of fresh dirt
to bring to my lair

digging up dead bodies
they will be my trophies

I start to dig
rotten carcass
I love the stench
of putridness

tearing off limbs
severing heads
taking apart
leaving the shell

another night of gathering
to make my masterpeice come alive

this is it my box of my limbs time to assemble
make them mine cut them up with my scalpel

now peice by peice take them out
and lay them down

grab their lips fucking rip grab a needle
sew them on make them pout so damn evil

this is my release cutting up these cadavers

stapled necks what a mess butchered torso
legs for arms, arms for legs beautiful creature

the gruesome scene, bloods leaking, all over me

this is it the final stitch before leaving
to do it again my work is never done

slicing rotten bodies
pulling out their organs

always perfecting the art of taxidermy
put on display for enjoyment
gruesome artwork
Track Name: Infecting The Masses
Biological slaughter
What is it we've created?

Infecting, Mankind, With the, Virus,
Turning, People, Into, Zombies

The putrid reaction
when your body starts to shake now

Vomiting blood all over yourself
The stench is overwhelming
Face melting skin dripping

Let the blood bath begin (x2)

Cells mutitate turning men into beasts.
Turned into beasts

The rising death toll commences the feast.
Commencing the feast

Eyes turn red from black tearing into flesh.
Tearing into flesh

Screaming vicitims the night.

What a gross and decrepit sight.

Plague of mankind.
Track Name: Unspontaneous Human Combustion
stalking you from a far
cant wait to make you scarred
the time has come for my revenge

breaking and entering
while you sleep
tied down in the sheets
it's hell you shall reap
while you scream
this is not a dream

now gasoline it is time to meet esophegus
your end will come from inside

lighting the match
watching me laugh
theres no turning back
you will burn you fucking slut

bubbling skin
comes from with in

puss filled corpse
there's no remorse

for what i did
for what you have done
to mebvr
Track Name: Buried Deep Within

There is a demon, inside of me.
Tearing at my flesh, it wont let me be.
Leading instructions on what to do.
Theres no telling who it will have me kill.


The demon has me waiting,
to finally make my move
If you dont believe it
Come inside the torture room

Well show you whats inside
as I tear your organs out
and mutilate the innards
as you scream and shout, NO!

Let the blood bath begin (x2)

Now we take out intestines
and gently wrap them around your neck

Chocking the last breath
from out your throat
watching your eyes close
the demon evokes,
Track Name: Endless Amounts of Corpses
Body torn, ripped to shreds. Skull smashed in. Eyes gouged out. Meat hook hung. Ax to face. Endless amounts of corpses. A pile of chopped corpses in a heap of arms and legs. Heads are all loped off, Ears leaking brains. Ears, ears leaking brains. Surrounded by viscera, organs covering the floor. everywhere that you look its just more gore. gore, just more gore. twisted necks snapped in half dead bodies, shattered skulls broken bones pools of blood. in a place that's all death and decay. i find salvation in it all. blood, guts, gore, death. maggots and flies have somewhere to dine, a rotten buffet a display of death and decay. twisted necks snapped in half dead bodies, shattered skulls broken bones pools of blood. mutilate penetrate make them fucking pay, make them pay with their lives. maggots and flies have somewhere to dine, a rotten buffet a display of death and decay. Endless amounts of corpses. make them pay with their lives. endless amounts of corpses.